Saturday, 24 September 2016

Im Not A Hipster Im A Squaddie

Ciao Bella's and Bello's

This is my first ever attempt at Blogging,

I guess i should start with a brief overview of my life and journey I'm about to take.

I'm currently in the Army and have been for the last 5 years of my life. Although this can be a rewarding and sometimes even a fun career, I've found that its not a career that I want to follow. I recently made the decision to hand my notice in and make a life change. I've decided to do a course in barbering but due to amount of notice i have to give (12months) I won't be starting my training or be able to enjoy my new life until June 2017.

The army helped a lot with this transition, including helping me fund my course and allocating me time off to do this course. But seen as this is so far away I'll have to find something else to write about for the next 8 months.

You may be wondering why the name, and the mention of hipster.... I am in no way a hipster, bar the odd sushi outing. It comes from a close friend who through all her greatness does possess the power of being a hipster. She denies it non stop but who else plants ivy in hanging tea cups and rides a town bike with an attached basket. She manages to disguise this pretty well to the everyday public, but sometimes slips up with the odd food pic and being a Pescitarian...... I know what the actual fuck is that? Its like a vegetarian that couldn't quite commit to the whole every animals the same. I mean have you seen Finding Nemo? Who would want to eat that cute little guy? I mean I would cause they taste great, but thats getting of topic, and that topic being hipster!

Ive always wondered where these hipsters popped up from. I can only assume that its from a sepia lit part of Brick Lane or some coffee shop in Shoreditch. It may have been birthed from the cereal killer cafe, a place where paying £3 for a bowl of milk and rice crispy's seems valid. Who knows there true origins, but I feel like I'm going to find out.

I feel like thats enough for today, keep it short and sweet. If anyone is actually reading this thing you will soon learn more about my life in the british army and all the fun and not so fun that comes with it, oh and more about my hipster friend.

Thanks for reading